Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer of pictures


jasgrad2 jasgrad

may 2012-my baby sister’s graduation. the last kid, the baby, one of my very best friends is a high school graduate. and now she is off to BYU. I’m so excited for her and can’t wait to hear all about her college life, but man i miss her already. is it Christmas break yet??

wedding2 laughing

June 2012 we were able to celebrate great friend at their wedding…courtesy of my bro-in-law just taking pics while we were laughing. this night also brought a quite humiliating story involving me, a boy, and a picture booth (more to come on that one)


One of the benefits for working for a doctor is the perks he offers us…he has season tickets for the Green Bay Blizzards (indoor football) and he sent some tickets around the office and we were able to pick a game. took my sissy jilly bean with me. wasn’t sure if i would like indoor football at all with the smaller field but it was actually a great game and it was a jolly good time.

packerrunpre packerrun packerrun3 packerrun2

packerrun5 packerunpost3

3rd annual Packer 5K Run to kick-of training season. let me say for the record, I was all signed up and ready to go. jill signed up like a week before and jeana was going to sign up at the satdium. the whole way to GB my sisters were talking about skipping the run and going to olive garden. hahaha terrible! jeana ended up just watching (i was bummed) but she got some great pics of us running around lambeau field so i guess i should be grateful. thanks jean! and also just for the record, a high school friend and a past co-worker got married on the same day as the run. that morning i went to the wedding, ran the 5K then shot home showered, got ready and danced til about 1230am. lets just say i was a little sore the next few days

sistersgpa2 joshie gpa

another wedding-another jolly good ol time. the picture of my sisters and i looks so easy but believe me it took about 2-3 shots to get this. you have 4 girls who are picky (ok truth is i’m the pickiest). isn’t my grandpa the most handsome man? he is definitely one of my favorite people. and of course my handsome nephew who took some pushing to dance with but i think he secretly loved it :)

sisterstrip2012 gang hades

last but not least-sisters trip 2012! we wanted to take a little trip before jas left for utah. we went to the dells, had fun at mt. olympus, downtown dells and a lot of laughing. i seriously am so blessed in the family category. looking forward to the sisters trip 2013 already.

i’ve officially started school this week and i survived my first week- i’m in a fog though so this week is a little bit of a blur, still not sure if this is the job for me but i’m open minded, taking it one day at a time and trying it out.


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Emily said...

How did I not know about your new blog?? I think this means you need to post more so I regularly check it. I'm so glad I got to the hear the photo booth story! But mostly, you're pretty. Really, really pretty! <3

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And smart too! Ahem. I meant the pretty comment in a nice way, but still wanted to remind you that you are beauty AND brains. okaybye

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